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Ottawa Covid-19 lockdowns online sales will increase 3m dual lock ?

Published by admin 2021-09-09

News: Trudeau warned of difficult days ahead as Canadian officials consider extending the Covid-19 blockade

Stores in Toronto have been closed due to a second wave of Covid-19 cases.

3m dual lock

Ottawa (CNN) As Canada continues to set daily records for cases, hospitalizations and deaths from CoviD-19, officials are calling on Canadians to follow public health guidelines aimed at slowing its spread.

What can we do at home ? Introduce a Strong product for you.

3M dual lock Reclosable fastener with Sensitive adhesive

3m dual lock

1. 3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fastening Systems are positive-locking, blind
fasteners designed for attaching automotive trim components. The products
feature mushroom-shaped polyolefin on a continuous polyolefin backing. 

2.When pressed together these mushroom-shaped stems interlock to provide
a strong reliable attachment or high tensile closure with an audible click.
Dual Lock fasteners are used primarily to secure rigid and semi-rigid surfaces
such as trim or door panels, instrument panel bezels, headliners, and other
automotive interior trim.


3m dual lock advantage: 

Easy Alignment, Reclosability, Vibration Resistance , Ease of Assembly, Blind Attachment, Multiple Attachment

3M suggests that the maximum loading of a 1 square inch piece (6.45 cm²) of 3m dual lock Reclosable Fastener with PSA backing should be: