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Adhesive Double sided tape 467MP and 468MP

Published by admin 2021-09-09

The adhesive surface failure problem commonly exists in home appliances and electronics industry, resulting in the purchase of products such as glass panel degummed, electronic product screen and frame degummed and leakage of light, which seriously affects the brand reputation and product reputation.In fact, many adhesive failure problems are caused not by weak adhesive products, but by the wrong choice of products.How should we choose adhesive products when we encounter metal high surface energy materials?The following 2 products will not go wrong blind!

467MP&468MP product introduction

3M467MP and 468MP substrates free tapes provide excellent adhesion to metals and high surface energy plastics.

The 200 MP adhesive used for 467MP and 468MP has excellent adhesion to metals and high surface energy materials, excellent shear strength, and prevents slippage and warping.The tape can be adjusted temporarily to ensure the placement accuracy.Short - term temperature resistance up to 200℃ above, in humid, high temperature or low temperature conditions, also has a good performance.In addition, PCK release paper helps prevent tape from curling and wrinkling.


Product features

1. Pure film

2. Most suitable for adhesion of high surface energy materials

3. The general

Suitable for bonding surface

Glass, ceramic, powder coating metal, plastic, composite materials, carbon fiber, aluminum, acrylic, glass fiber, PC, PET, PI, etc.


1. Electronic screen border bonding

2. Plastic decorative bonding

3. Metal and plastic decorative bonding

4. Car Body splice