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Solutions To Common Problems In Daily Use Of Double-sided Tape

Published by admin 2021-09-09

Solutions to common problems in daily use of double-sided tape

Double-sided Tape

1. Double-sided adhesive paste die-cutting should pay attention to what double-sided adhesive paste roller when the pressure is loosened a little, more than 5T die-cutting is easy to deformation, mold open a good point, if it is gum, when punching and cutting attention adhesive.  The glue will hold the edges of the noodles together.  ​  

2. double-sided adhesive paste and water glue how to distinguish?  Smell it with your nose. Double-sided tape has a pungent acrylic flavor. Double-sided tape is double-layered.  

3. What is the chemical composition of double-sided tape?  The surface of double-sided tape is coated with a layer of adhesive.  Various kinds of polymers are widely used as adhesives in modern times. Because of the formation of bonds between the molecules themselves and the molecules of the objects to be connected, the bonds can bind the molecules firmly together.  Adhesive ingredients, according to different brands, different types, there are a variety of different polymers.  

4. How to peel off double-sided adhesive tape?  Thick double-sided adhesive paste, if there are things on both sides, use a tool knife to peel off one side, the rest of the side is peeled off by hand, very convenient.  Thin double-sided tape is not easy to get, then slowly cut with a tool knife  

5. How to remove the double-sided tape on the board?  You can take a piece of dry cloth covered with vinegar and cover the whole area where the double-sided tape marks are. When the double-sided tape stains are completely soaked, you can easily remove them with a ruler.  

Double-sided adhesive