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3M 4920 VHB Double-sided tape

Published by admin 2021-11-25

3M 4920 VHB Double-sided tape

3M 4920, 3M double-sided tape

3M 4920 VHB Double-sided tape is a foam base double-sided tape in 3M double-sided tape. It belongs to VHB adhesive system (pressure sensitive adhesive system). The thickness is 0.4mm, the color is white, and it has super viscosity, good uv resistance, good solubility resistance, soft, good adhesion characteristics, high tensile force, shear strength.  Can be used to replace screws, rivets, spot welding and other traditional fixing methods, with 3M double-sided tape can make the surface of the product more smooth, beautiful, simple operation, better sealing, more lasting effect, very convenient disassembly and assembly.  3M 4920

3M double-sided tape product performance: Item Test Method Test Value Unit Static shear strength 1500 g at 22℃ 66 g at 93℃ 500 g at 93℃ Density:  0.8 g/cc stainless steel peel strength ASTM D3330 26 N/10MM Solvent resistance: good uv resistance: excellent temperature resistance long term 93 ℃ short term 150 ℃ Storage life: at 21℃ and 50% relative humidity conditions, the original packaging state from the date of production storage for 24 months.  

Application technology: The bonding strength increases with the increase of the contact area between the adhesive and the glued surface, and the application of stable pressure is conducive to the contact between the adhesive and the glued surface, thus increasing the bonding strength.  3M 4920

In order to achieve the best bonding effect, the bonding surface must be clean and dry, the best temperature range of adhesive tape application is 21-38℃, it is recommended that if the initial bonding temperature is lower than 10℃, it is not suitable for bonding, so the adhesive is too hard, and can not be firmly bonded to the object;  However, if it is already attached, the holding force at low temperatures is also satisfactory.  

3M 4920 VHB Double-sided tape product application: 3M 4920 double-sided tape meets the requirements of ROHS regulations in environmental protection. It is widely used in the bonding of air conditioners, office furniture and communication products. It can replace screws, rivets and other traditional fixing methods, so as to improve the appearance of products 3M 4920

3M 4920

Could be cut any size by request, custom base on your drawing. 3M 4920 ,3M 4930 ,3M 4950 ,3M 4945 White color