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3M Reflective Film Tape Knowledge

Published by admin 2021-11-25

3M Reflective Film Tape Knowledge

3M reflective film, is the use of a special process will be formed by glass beads reflective layer and PVC, PU and other polymer materials combined to form a novel reflective material.  
3M reflective film Tape is literally understood as a kind of film that can reflect light.  3M reflective film is widely used in reflective stickers on car bodies, which is the most common one we see. It is also a kind of reflective material for automobile safety signs to ensure traffic safety and reduce accidents.  At night the reflective film is very useful for the car 

The main function of reflective stickers on car body is to use the unique properties of reflective materials of reflective film to reflect light in the direction of light source projection.  The purpose is to allow drivers in all directions to notice the presence of the car at night.  To achieve the ultimate goal of improving driving safety coefficient.  Reflective stick the material that uses has a lot of types: PET, acrylic, colloquial say is plastic, have waterproof effect  
High quality 3M reflective film Tape at night should be more than 6m reflective clarity, and inferior film will have a foggy feeling.  3M's reflective film is now six times brighter than conventional signs.  During the day, the sign appears bright white;  At night, the sign provides a super reflective effect.  Can also play the role of uv insulation, uv film insulation layer, is high pressure plating single layer.   

3M reflective film Tape class  

(1) The third generation diamond class 4090 series  

Standard: gb grade reflective film Tape

Model: 4090 (white) / 4091 (yellow) / 4092 (red) / 4095 (blue) /4097 (green)  

Service life: 10 years 70% brightness retention value  

Gum type: pressure sensitive adhesive at room temperature  

Features: high brightness, full Angle reflection, excellent performance, the latest product of 3M company.  

reflective stickers Application: High - grade highway traffic signs.  For example: highway signs, city ring road signs, and the city's main traffic road signs  

reflective stickers

2) reflective stickers Super class 3930 series  
Standard: gb secondary reflective film  
Model: 3930 (white) / 3931 (yellow) / 3932 (red) / 3935 (blue) / 3937 (green)  
Service life: 10 years 70% brightness retention value  
Gum type: pressure sensitive adhesive at room temperature  
Features: prism reflective film, reflective intensity is more than 2 times of the advanced level, long service life.  
Application: traffic control sign, forbidden sign, warning sign, indicating sign, outline mark, guide mark, split flow sign, etc.  

3) Engineering grade EGP 3400 series  
Standard: gb grade 4 reflective film  
Model: 3430 (white) / 3431 (yellow) / 3432 (red) / 3435 (blue) / 3437 (green)  
Service life: 7 years 50% brightness retention value  
Gum type: pressure sensitive adhesive at room temperature  
Features: Wide range of use  
Application: Applicable to the general road traffic signs.  

reflective stickers

Structure and color classification  
It is composed of reflective layer, bottom film, pressure sensitive adhesive and release layer. The main colors are white, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, fluorescent yellow, brown and other more than ten colors and other special colors such as bright green, medium purple, light purple, fluorescent yellow.  
The safety protection articles made of reflective stickers materials can produce strong reflective effect under certain light source irradiation, providing the most effective and reliable safety guarantee for pedestrians in the darkness or night operation personnel.  
 3M reflective film is the use of optical principle, can reflect the light back to the light source of a special structure of PVC film.  It is composed of film layer with good weather resistance, tiny glass bead layer, focusing layer, reflective layer, adhesive layer and peel layer.  

Quality identification  
3M reflective film main quality identification points: film material, glass bead reflective coefficient, cloth bead rate, dead bead rate, color uniformity, weather resistance, viscose layer viscosity, etc  
Reflective engineering marking  
Industrial reflective materials mainly refers to five levels of all kinds of reflective film, diamond reflective film, high strength reflective film, engineering reflective film, advertising level  
Light film and plate level reflective film, etc.  Is mainly used in the production of all kinds of reflective signs signs, vehicle plate, safety facilities, etc., during the day, with its bright colors have obvious warning role, at night or under the condition of insufficient light, its bright reflective effect can effectively enhance the ability to identify the people see the goal, cause vigilance, to avoid the accident and reduce casualties, reduce the economic loss,  It has obvious social benefits to become the indispensable security guard of road traffic.