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Method Of Removing Double-sided Foam Tape

Published by admin 2021-11-25

Method Of Removing 3M Double-sided Foam Tape

1. Use rubbing alcohol or detergent.  
 You can spray a special cleaning product on the 3M double-sided foam tape, or dip a cloth in rubbing alcohol (or even acetone nail polish remover) and press it against the tape for one to two minutes.  After the solvent has been on the tape for one to two minutes, use a putty knife (or the edge of the credit card) to carefully scrape the tape off.  

3M Double-sided Foam Tape

2. Use fishing line or dental floss.  
 This method is most suitable for double-sided foam tape, which sticks more tightly than ordinary tape.  Use both hands to tighten a length of fishing line or floss, first placing the line over the tape and then pulling the line tight against the wall.  This method should remove most of the tape.  

3M Double-sided Foam Tape

3. Use a magic wipe.  
 When most of the tape has been removed (using either of the above methods), a magic wipe can be used to remove the remaining tape.  The magic rub works the same way as very fine sandpaper and will remove any remaining bits of tape.  

4. Use masking tape.  
 Heat the double-sided foam tape with a hair dryer and place a piece of masking tape over it (hold onto one corner of masking tape).  Removing masking tape from the wall may require repeated operations (using a new masking tape at a time) to completely remove the foam double-sided tape.

5. Use a hair dryer.  
 Heat the double-sided foam tape to reduce the viscosity of the double-sided foam tape.  Plug your hair dryer into a nearby power outlet and blow directly on the foam tape at high temperature for a few minutes.  Then remove the double-sided foam adhesive by hand or putty knife.  In addition, you can also use a steam ironing machine or electric iron to heat the double-sided foam glue.  Because the water vapor will help melt the adhesive. 

3M Double-sided Foam Tape

6. Use tap water, dishwashing detergent or white vinegar  
 Some double-sided foam tape can be wiped with soap, tap water or vinegar. If you are worried about damage, this method is the safest.  In a plastic tub, mix together hot water, dishwashing detergent and a small amount of white vinegar.  Stir constantly until well combined and frothy.  Place the towel in the foaming water and carefully scrub the foam tape with the towel until the edges roll up.  Then remove the tape by hand or using a plastic scraper.  

Precautions for foam double-sided adhesive tape  
 In addition to using a hair dryer, the foam double-sided tape can also be placed in the sun, with the heat of the sun to heat it for two hours.  
Do not use a very sharp tool to remove the double-sided tape from foam if in doubt.  
 Do not overheat the surface on which the foam double-sided tape is placed.