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How To Identify The Number In The 3M Glue Model

Published by admin 2021-11-25

How To Identify The Number In The 3M Glue Model


How to read the number in the 3M glue model: there are many 3M glue models, up to more than 200 kinds, but the 3M company has its rules and meaning for the 3M glue model writing regulations 


For example: 3M DP100,3M DP190,3M is its brand, D is Double, P is Pak, two component meaning, two component is also known as AB two component, AB glue.

3M DP100NS, 3M DP460NS, 3M DP810NS, among which the suffix is NS, is non-flow, high viscosity, low fluidity characteristics.  

3M DP125EG, 3M DP190EG, 3M DP460EG, DP 4XL-EG, its suffix is EG, belongs to the electronic product grade, suitable for the bonding gas overflow and corrosion requirements, 3M glue and aviation grade  

3M 1357 and 3M 1357-L, for suffix L, are low viscosity, low solid content, spray-able type.  Also above: 3M 1099 and 3M 1099-L, 3M 847 and 3M 847-L, 3M 1300 and 3M 1300-L.  

3M 4693 and 3M 4693-H, 3M 847 and 3M 847-H, suffixes H, represent higher viscosity type, also high solid content.  

 3M glue

3M Hot Melt Adhesive, there are low melting point and high melting point, 3M 3762 and 3M 3762-LM, 3M 3792 and 3M 3792-LM, and so on, its suffix is LM, LM stands for low melting point 3M hot melt adhesive, low melting point: 127-132℃, high melting point: 177-196℃.  

3M glue

There are many kinds of 3M glue, commonly used are: 3M two-component glue, 3M epoxy resin, 3M polyurethane, 3M acrylate.  3M quick-drying adhesive, 3M solvent-based adhesive (plastic adhesive, rubber edge bonding adhesive, lightweight material and insulation material adhesive), 3M spray adhesive, 3M hot melt adhesive.