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Which 3M Tapes Can Be Used Outdoors For A Long Time?

Published by admin 2021-11-25

Which 3M Tapes Can Be Used Outdoors For A Long Time? 3M Tapes, 3M VHB tape

As we all know, 3M tapes is recognized by the market because of its excellent quality and excellent reputation. Many products of manufacturing enterprises will be used outdoors for a long time, hoping that 3M tapes can also withstand outdoor wind and rain.  3M Tapes, 3M VHB tape

Series of 3M VHB tape 4941/5952/5608/RP45/5925/5930/4920/4950/4930/4914/4611 can be use for a long time in the outdoor, do good adhesive also can seal waterproof structure design.  Typical applications such as: billboard bonding;  Windows bonding of all kinds of equipment and instruments;  Bonding of automobile sealing strips;  Car nameplate, sign bonding.  3M Tapes, 3M VHB tape

3M VHB tape

Pure film class 3m double-sided adhesive 300LSE/9471LE/9472LE/9671LE/9672LE/200MP/467MP/469MP and so on.  Typical applications are: film switch bonding;  Bus soft label bonding, etc.  3M Tapes, 3M VHB tape

3m double-sided adhesive

3M duct tape 6969, 8979N, used for temporary fixing, repairing, plugging, stitching and other applications.  

3M Tapes