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How can be fair distribution of vaccines? VHB tape 5925

Published by admin 2021-09-09

Todays News:

1. Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) : The tickets can be refunded and changed free of charge during the Spring Festival from January 27.

2. The World Health Organization has called for an equitable distribution of vaccines as the number of new cases worldwide has passed 100 million

3.British officials say nearly 80 percent of people over 80 years old have received the new crown vaccine.

4.Biden signed a travel ban suspending travel from South Africa, Brazil, the United Kingdom and other countries

Covid-19 gets worse in winter, it will be impact the product deliver schedule ? we going on ,no impact.

VHB tape 5925 is a double-sided tape with excellent performance.The tape belongs to the 5952 series VHB tape.This tape adopts 3M advanced pressure-sensitive adhesive technology and unique closed-cell foam structure, which makes the tape have very good adhesion performance and can achieve perfect bonding

Recommended Application:
1.Decorative materials and interiors
2.Name plate and logo
3.Electronic display
4.Panel frame bonding
5.Strengthen the adhesion of the board surface